Bigger Badder Scarier

Come if you dare, and experience what has been terrorizing the people of Chicago and it’s suburbs. Distubria Torment of Fears is not just a haunted house, it is the living embodiment of your fears and nightmares. From the bump in the night to the demons in your closet, you’ll find it at this one-of-a-kind haunt. Now haunting in Addison Illinois for it’s fifth scartacular year. This year we hope to add even more victims to our list of tormented and tortured souls. Disturbia is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit for the whole family, office, club or other social group. Frightening characters an scenarios await you at every dark turn. Remember that your fears will find you here and some may even follow you home.

Where to Find Us:

880 W. Lake Street

Addison, IL 

(Links and Tees Golf Dome)

Phone: 630 514-4067

NEW Cabin in the Woods

Let your fear lead you to a relm of backwoods horror at Disturbias latest attraction. Come if you can summon the courage and experience the horror of your very own chainsaw masacre.


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